To stay current in orthodontics, clinicians must constantly follow and implement new clinical and scientific advances. The most common method of continuing education is by attending in-person lectures at association meetings. Most often, however, the attendee must travel great distances and the travel costs usually exceed the costs of the lectures. And because the lecture is live, if the attendee misses something the speaker says, there is no way to rewind or listen to the lecture a second time. The second most common method of continuing education is by reading journals and textbooks. Their biggest drawback is that, due to publication times, the information is usually one to two years out of date. Unfortunately, continuing education has not evolved at the same rate as computer technology.

Copesthetic CE is the brainchild of Jason B. Cope, DDS, PhD - orthodontist, educator, and inventor. Ever the problem solver and perfectionist, Dr. Cope is always striving to improve treatment protocols, educational methods, and products. Copesthetic Consulting is proud to be the first to deliver online comprehensive orthodontic continuing education like no other.

Now you can benefit from the man who developed the protocols and who has the most experience. If you prefer in-person lectures, you are welcome to attend one of Dr. Cope's limited attendance In-Office Courses. Otherwise, the remainder of our educational tools are designed to take advantage of the Internet – you can learn from the comfort of your own home or office! Whether you need a refresher on a particular topic, or want to learn something new, sit back and just push play.

We have three digital educational tools, all of which are streamed directly from our server to your computer. Online Lectures are just what you would expect – a Keynote presentation on a particular topic with simultaneous video of the presentation and Dr. Cope speaking. Case Reports are Keynote presentations narrated by Dr. Cope covering the entire treatment sequence of a particular patient. Other digital technologies, such as video clips, 3D CBCT volumes, 3D digital models are included as appropriate to enhance the learning experience. Technique Videos are video clips of a particular clinical or laboratory technique, such as miniscrew placement or lower retainer indirect bond fabrication and delivery with narration by Dr. Cope.

Lastly, for those who are just getting started with a particular technology, Dr. Cope offers One-To-One Consultation on clinical cases. You can either upload your cases to our server or mail them directly to Dr. Cope for consultation.


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