A complete downloadable PDF manual accompanies every Online Streaming Lecture and Clinical Case Report. We suggest that you print the manual before you begin watching the Lecture or Case Report so that you can follow along and take notes as you see fit. Because the manual is an exact duplicate of the lecture, note taking should be kept to a minimum.

Many of the Clinical Technique Videos also have PDF manuals. This is done in situations where technical specifications or product information is presented in the video, so that minimal note taking is required.


When we come across anything that we think would be a benefit for our members, we get a copy of it and post it under Supplemental Info. These items can range from a short and simple blurb of product information that Dr. Cope finds useful in his practice to a complex legal document. An example of this is Dr. Cope's Temporary Anchorage Device Consent Form available for download as a Microsoft Word document that you can edit for your
own practice.

If you come across anything that you think would be a benefit to the members, please forward it to


Would you like to compare several different product brands? Why spend countless hours searching through different websites to find a specific product manual that you need. Whether it is a manual on miniscrew implants or soft tissue lasers or something else of use in dentistry, we have compiled a repository of product manuals in one location so that you don't have to search for them. This is not an endorsement for any particular product, but rather an added benefit to our members.

If you come across any manuals that we don't already have, please forward them to

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