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Orthodontic Case With Complications – Standard Delivery

What Orthodontic Case in Treatment Showing a Complication or Lack of Treatment Response
You Provide Patient information and medical/dental history, complete pretreatment diagnostic records with detailed initial treatment plan, complete progress diagnostic records, detailed description of complications and/or concerns, and a detailed statement of your questions and/or concerns. example
We Deliver Written diagnosis, treatment plan, an alternative treatment plan. example
Turn Around 7 to 10 days

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Orthodontic Case With Complications – Standard Delivery

Orthodontic Case With Complications – Standard Delivery Details

The Clinical Consultation provides a way for orthodontists to get a second opinion on difficult cases - orthodontics with an unexpected treatment response.

Both the Online and Snail Mail consults require about 30-45 minutes of online patient data entry (click here to see what is required). They also require four diagnostic records documents (photo layout, panoramic and lateral ceph xrays, and ceph measurements).

The only difference between the two consults is that the Online consult requires the four diagnostic records documents be uploaded. If you have the capability to create high quality digital records, this is faster and costs less. If you do not have the capability to create high quality digital records, then you will need to mail them in, where they will be scanned and uploaded on your behalf.

Once you purchase the Clinical Consultation, you will be taken to the Questionnaire to enter your patient’s data. Do not begin until you have all of your patient records in front of you; once started, the Questionnaire cannot be saved and finished later. After you have completed and submitted the Questionnaire, you will either be linked to an Uploads Page, or directed to mail in your four Records Documents.

To complete the consult, you will have to sign a consent form indicating that you have your patient’s permission to post their personal information and diagnostic records on a private and secure online consultation system.

Once all of your patient’s data has been uploaded, a link will be sent to the Consultant you selected. He will work up the case and send you a detailed report within the time frame you selected. After you have received the report, you will have 7 days to review the report and submit up to 5-7 follow-up questions in writing. The Consultant will then respond with either a written or audio report. At that point, the Consultation will be complete.