"Jason! I just want to thank you again for an incredible experience over the last two days! It is so refreshing to remember that we are all students... I so enjoyed sitting on the other side of the fence and having you teach me so many things. I was an 'open book' and you filled the pages. Your presentation was fantastic, engaging and VERY educational. I also appreciate your scientific background, support of research and then how it applies to clinical cases... the 'Substance'."
Cliff Alexander, DDS, MS
Orthodontist and Educator, Dallas, Texas

"This TAD reference website merges Jason Cope's unique educational background and clinical experience. Clinicians of every dental specialty will find these movies essential to their contemporary knowledge of what has previously been nearly impossible to achieve."
Gerald S. Samson, DDS
Orthodontist and Educator, Atlanta, Georgia

"This is a great website and very easy to navigate! The online lectures provide valuable information, with the benefit that I can watch them over and over until I master the concepts. The clinical cases provide a great demonstration of how miniscrew implants can be utilized to improve the efficiency and efficacy of orthodontic treatment. The site provides a great resource for all users of miniscrews, both novice and expert alike."
Mohammad R Razavi, DDS, MSD, FRCD(C)
Orthodontist, Ottawa, Canada

"Thanks to our colleagues in bone biology and prosthodontics, implants are a reality. Decades of research provide a convincing biological rationale for an application to clinical orthodontics. In other words, given a desire to preserve anchorage, there is good reason to believe that TADs ought to work. In the end, I predict that their use will let us move teeth where we want and, in so doing, demand that we return to an era of individualized 'diagnosis' and treatment planning. In practical terms, their use may well prove to be the foundation of evidence-based, 21st Century orthodontics."
Lysle E Johnston, Jr, DDS, MS, PhD
Orthodontist and Educator, Torch Lake, Michigan

"Jason and Gerry, thank you both once again for the simply outstanding course on Temporary Anchorage Devices in Dallas on February 15 and 16. I can quite honestly say that this course was one of the best, if not the best, I have taken since graduating from the Ortho Department (and let me tell you, there have been a lot of courses since 1975)!

Everything about this course was first class, from the communication before the class to the excellent course content and organization, and most importantly the presentation of all material in a way that lets me begin using the mini-screw implants immediately in my office. Now THAT'S what
a continuing education course, especially a hands-on course, is SUPPOSED to do!

Thanks again to both of you. I will certainly recommend this course to anyone who asks about it."
John M Damas, DDS
Orthodontist, Orland Park, Illinois

"I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the TAD course last weekend. I believe that the course was one of the better continuing ed courses that I have been to (and I have been to many). The feeling in the room was that you have put together an extremely well-organized presentation. The manner in which you presented your individual areas of expertise, and then blended these complementary areas, is what made the course so valuable. And of course the hands-on aspects of the implant placement was so very helpful in giving me the confidence that I believe will allow me to place my first mini-screw."
Steven Lasser, DDS
Pediatric Dentist, Cranston, Rhode Island

"Flight to Atlanta $215.
Tuition for TAD course $1800.
Confidence in placing TAD's to offer my patients the best treatment options (and hear Samson/Cope banter!) Priceless."
Ed Sheinis, DDS
Orthodontist, Coral Springs, Florida

"This course was exactly what I wanted and needed. It is a great review of mechanics in orthodontic tooth movement in addition to TAD placement in a simple and straightforward format. I have never understood the physics behind tooth movement thoroughly. The cases that make you go "hmmm" now make more sense. For a topic that can be complex, even tedious, both Jason and Gerry injected humor and ingenuity, which really helped to get through the details. Thanks to you both. I have a renewed sense of enthusiasm for orthodontics, and I can't wait to place my first TAD."
Bart Soper, DDS, MS
Orthodontist, Bellevue, Washington

"Dr. Cope was one of the keynote speakers at the 2009 GLAO Annual Session in Toronto. His top-notch lecture on TADs was very well prepared and presented in a clear, crisp and concise manner receiving very positive comments on behalf of the participants."
Angelos Metaxas, DDS, MSc, DDent
Orthodontist, Toronto, Canada
Scientific Program Chair, Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists

"JUST A TAD BETTER indeed. Cope and Samson. A young super-star teams up with the old master to introduce a truly new and exciting paradigm
in orthodontic anchorage. This is the coolest stuff I've learned in a long, long time."
David K Curtis, DMD
Pediatric Dentist, Columbus, Mississippi

"I am back from Dallas hearing Jason talk about his MiniScrew Implants and still reeling from his presentation. I would give Jason's presentation a Five Star rating and would Strongly Recommend his course to anyone who was thinking about doing TAD's in their office."
Dave Metroka, DDS
Pediatric Dentist, Hatboro, Pennsylvania

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