We are excited to have you here. Please read the the instructions below to complete your CE Verification Module successfuly!

The CE verification process consists of 12 quizzes, each corresponding to the 12 weekly modules of TAIF, in order to assess your knowledge of the content provided in the course. Here is what you need to know before you start:

1. You will need to answer each question of the weekly quiz (you can confirm each answer with the HINT button under the question before submitting the quiz). At the end of the page submit your quiz.

2. The quiz results will be graded immediately. You need a passing grade of at least 80% to unlock and take the next quiz. If you do not answer 80% correctly, you will need to retake the current weeks’ quiz. If your current quiz grade is at least 80%, the quiz from the subsequent week will be unlocked. Click continue to take the next weeks’ quiz. Although we created a quiz for each week, there is nothing to prevent you from taking all quizzes at one time if you chose to do so.

3. You will repeat this process for each week through the last quiz.

4. Once you submit your last quiz successfully, your CE Verification Form will automatically be delivered directly to the email address used at registration. If you ever need additional copies, you can access the CE Verification Form anytime in the future. Please navigate to your Profile page and click on the badge icon related to The Aligner Intensive Fellowship CE Verification Module.

Thank you and good Luck,

Maz and Jonathan