Kit Type: 3D Printing & Post-Processing

This Kit contains all the products necessary to print models and post-process for the fabrication of In-House Aligners.

1-Quart Clear Plastic Containers

These are the perfect sized containers for catching the filtered, reclaimed IPA for the 1-liter wash station containers prior to re-use or storage.

Wood Block Stand

I simply glued 3 of these together to create a stand so that the filtered IPA didn’t splatter while being filtered.

Disposable Paint Strainer

When you have a failed print, or prior to storing your unused resin, it’s best to run it through a filter to remove any cured resin. This is also key for filtering and reclaiming IPA from your wash stations.

Paint Strainer Stand

This stand holds the paint strainer and coffee filter combination so that the reclaimed IPA drains into the 1-quart plastic container.

Coffee Filters

These filters are the perfect size to fit into either the disposable (filtering resin) or the reusable plastic (filtering IPA) paint strainers.

Reusable Paint Strainer

This is the ideal filter to hold the coffee filters for filtering/recapturing the 99% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) used for cleaning models

Isopropyl Alcohol 99%, 4 Gallons Packed in 16 Quarts

This is a great option for reorders of IPA. When purchased in gallon containers, additional hazmat shipping charges apply. Once you have 4 gallon-sized containers, it is better to purchase this item because in smaller containers, hazmat shipping is not added. Just refill your gallon containers for reduced storage.