Kit Type: Aligner Fabrication & Delivery

This Kit contains all of the materials needed to fabricate and deliver aligners in your own office.

Boruit Purple UV Flashlight

The flashlight is great for an assistant to hold and shine on the teeth while the orthodontist is removing fluorescent bonding material.

Dynarex Disposable #15 Scalpel

These are scalpels that I use to remove the attachment wells from the etch templates to ensure that the etchant touches only the surface of the tooth that I want composite resin material to bond.

Medidenta Denti-Lab Electric Unit

This is a great lab handpiece. Note: What is listed is a Doriot-type. If you will email the seller, they will replace the Doriot-type with the E-Type handpiece. Below, I will tell you where to get multiple E-Type nosecones to have multiple lab burs ready to go in an instant.